Coke Store

While working at fortyfour I was responsible for multiple projects under the Coca-Cola brand. Our client needed a trusted partner that understood how to engage their audience and extend the brand  across a wide range of deliverables including e-commerce site design and maintenance, product launches and packaging design, and email, social, and digital marketing campaigns. In partnership with fortyfour, Coke Store has seen 85% sales growth year-over-year since 2018.



Web Design

Label Design

Product Concepts



All photography shot by client


New Coke Re-Release

We partnered with to bring back New Coke for the release of the second season of Stranger Things. In collaboration with Weiden+Kennedy we designed and developed a set of ascii-inspired pages that timewarped users back to April 30, 1985 when New Coke was first introduced to the market. 



Page Views


Campaign Revenue


New Customers


Fall Football Campaign

Football season is the perfect opportunity to share a coke with your team and fellow football fans. I designed a series of pages for Coke Store that promoted special edition bottles, merch, and recipes to engage a new audience.

Holiday Campaign

In both 2018 and 2019 I worked with Coca-Cola to design a holiday themed bottle that customers could personalize and gift to friends and family. During the holiday season Coke Store often runs multiple promotions at once. As part of the homepage takeover, I redesigned their carousel with previews of each slide giving them the opportunity to surface those promos.