Worlds Greatest Dad

Standing out as an artist in an age where music is so accessible can be a tough challenge. Fans and the music industry alike expect artists to do more than just make music. I helped worlds greatest dad establish a playful visual identity that matched their sound and helped promote their music. 


Album Art

Posters & Merch


Web Design

Full U.S. Tour

For the band's first full U.S. tour I created a range of promotional art including posters, digital assets, merch, & custom kickball jerseys. I traveled with them as their photographer capturing the show every night and the journey in between providing content that kept their fans excited and engaged.


Crafting A Visual Identity 

Over the course of four years I’ve helped worlds greatest dad connect with their fans and bring their music to life through visual art. 


Want to talk about a freelance project, full-time opportunities, how The Cure are better than The Beatles? Just reach out. I’m mostly friendly. 

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